The interest for water is expanding step by step and government neglects to supply water and take care of the expanding demand. Rainwater harvesting isn't another idea or strategy, it is rehearsed by our precursors for water system and nourishing dairy cattle or domesticated animals. Condos are mushrooming everywhere on our urban communities with the blast in the lodging area. By outlining frameworks precisely and putting resources into maintainable innovations, condos can give supplementary water necessity. Flat proprietors can assume fundamental part in setting up or introducing water reaping in condo. Shriram Divine City is an upcoming property with such facility for rain water harvesting.

Shriram Divine City
Shriram Divine City

A condo not just ends up independent loft by introducing Rainwater Harvesting System yet in addition jam groundwater by making elective wellsprings of water for its inhabitants. Water is a standout amongst the most generally utilized substances on our earth. Rainwater harvesting frameworks are winding up progressively mainstream as a practical answer for economical living.


Rainwater harvesting system is gathering of water from the surface which specifically gets precipitation. It can be a cleared territory like a porch or patio of a building, or an unpaved zone like a grass or open ground. A channel or canals are required to exchange water gathered from housetops to capacity tanks or revive pit. At least one down-funnels are associated with canals to exchange water from housetops or porch. The extent of the drain ought to accord to the stream amid the most elevated force rain.

Rainwater harvesting system can be extensively named housetop water collecting and fake groundwater energizing. Housetop Rainwater harvesting system is very famous since it is very simple to gather water falling on housetops and porch. In housetop gathering, the rooftop turns into the catchments, and the water is gathered from the top of the house/building. It can either be put away in a tank or redirected to fake energize framework. Water from rooftop or follow is transported utilizing PVC canals. These drains will be associated with channel utilizing down-funnels. A channel unit is a chamber loaded with sifting media to expel flotsam and jetsam and earth from water. Water stockpiling tanks gather all sifted water and keep it for sometime later. The tank is set on a little stage around 18 inches high and a tap is joined to it at the base. This makes it simple to gather water in a basin.


·         Because of fast urbanization the surface zone for invasion of rain water into the ground has diminished radically, in this manner, decreasing the revive of ground water

·         An answer for drying wells and borewells in your neighborhood amid summer
·         Over-misuse of ground water assets has brought about decrease in water levels
·         A perfect answer for water issue in regions having deficient water assets

·         As water is ending up rare, it is simply the need of the day to achieve independence to satisfy the water needs

·         Elective wellsprings of water for individuals and domesticated animals
Rainwater Harvesting frameworks can trade utilization of consumable water for flushing in latrine, washing floor and vehicles, water for planting.


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